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Flower Essence Training Course 2000-2001
Revised Course Information August 2000

Although we have incorporated flower essences into our homeopathy courses for many years, this is the first time that we have offered training in the use of flower essences exclusively. We have found that flower essences are very easy to learn and use, and they can be integrated readily into virtually any other kind of healthcare practice. Being gentle and non-toxic, they also lend themselves to home-prescribing amongst family and friends, and to support you in your own self-healing process.

Since the 1920’s when Dr. Edward Bach produced his very first essences from flowers picked in England and Wales, his pioneering work has been expanded by developers all over the world, particularly during the past decade. Although flower essences can often facilitate healing on the physical, mental or emotional levels, they have another, unique role to play: in addition, which Dr. Bach was very much aware of. Flower essences are transformers of consciousness. They help us, both individually and collectively, to release the limitations of our past and so enable us to reconnect with our true, spiritual nature. Perhaps this is why flower essences are suddenly being developed at an astonishing rate all over the planet. We need them now, more than ever before, to help us through the challenging transitional times we currently face.

The pages below describe the different levels of training on offer, which we have divided into four main stages. The Flower Essence Diary page contains a current list of forthcoming courses and events. More workshops will be added to this list in the near future, so please ask to be included on our mailing list, or visit this page periodically if you would like to be kept informed of these. The training is designed to be modular, which means you can study at your own pace and allow yourself the time you need to integrate what you have learned and experienced at each stage.

Flower essences, you will soon discover, are not just a subject to be studied. They have a unique energy - a life of their own - and they speak directly to that part of us that is open and willing to listen. We hope you will join us in what promises to be an enjoyable and interesting programme of events.

Beginners Level - Stage One

Stage One is for those who are completely new to the world of flower essences and would like to ‘get the feel’ of them before embarking on any in-depth training.

First, we are offering a series of Evening Introductory Talks which will provide you with a general introduction to the subject. Suitable for those with no prior knowledge at all, these talks are open to everyone and will describe some of the background to flower essences, how they are made, how they work, and what enormous healing potential they possess.

If you have a desire to know more, or if you have already been introduced to flower essences but don’t really know much about them, our Beginners’ Day Workshops will provide the next step in your learning. During these workshops you will be immersed in the energy of flower essences for a whole day, with slides, live demonstrations and plenty of solid, practical information on how to choose and make up some essences for yourself or your family and friends.

The Day Workshops will feature the Australian Bush Flower Essences developed by Ian White, which are becoming increasingly widely available. Our experienced tutors will facilitate these workshops, ensuring a high standard of teaching and a good balance of study and actual hands-on experience.

For dates, locations and further details of forthcoming Introductory Talks and Beginners’ Day Workshops go to the Flower Essence Diary page. If you are experienced in the use of flower essences and would like to give a beginners level talk or workshop in your area - we would love to hear from you! Alternatively, you might wish to help organise a talk or workshop with one of our tutors. Either way, do send and email to: awaters@thelakelandcollege.co.uk

Prescribers Level - Stage Two

Stage Two is for those who would like to progress to the level of a Flower Essence Prescriber. The modules at this level are only available to those who have already attended a Beginner’s Day Workshop or who have studied flower essences to a similar level elsewhere.

If you really want to get to grips with flower essences, you have to experience them in addition to learning about them. To create the optimum conditions for enjoyable and intensive experiential learning, most of the training from this stage onwards takes place during our Three-Day Residential Retreats, held at various venues throughout the year.

To attain our Flower Essence Prescriber’s Certificate you need to attend any two of the residential retreats. We recommend completing the two modules within a period of twelve months if at all possible. There are currently four residential modules available, each one emphasising a different flower essence set. The Residential Retreats page gives further details of what is covered during each workshop, and a separate Course Schedule gives the dates, venues and costs of forthcoming retreats. As we are adding new dates on a regular basis, please contact the office or visit our website regularly for the most up to date version of the schedule.

Who would benefit from being a Flower Essence Prescriber?

Anyone who wants to achieve a level of proficiency in using a wide range of essences would benefit from this training, and all our workshops are designed to give you the skills and the confidence you need to start using them straight away.

Flower essences are also able to enhance and support virtually any other type of healing work, so if you are already a health-care practitioner you may wish to add flower essences to the services that you already offer. The types of therapist who would easily be able to integrate flower essences into their practice would include:

• Doctors, dentists & veterinary surgeons
• Bodyworkers e.g. osteopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists
• Aromatherapists & reflexologists
• Counsellors & psychotherapists
• Homeopaths & herbalists
• Nutritionists & kinesiologists
• Spiritual healers & Reiki practitioners

The beauty of flower essences lies in their simplicity and ease of use, ready availability, low cost, and gentle yet powerful action. If you are still uncertain whether flower essences would enhance your work, please contact the Lakeland College office and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

See the Flower Essence Diary page for details of forthcoming retreats.

Practitioners Level - Stage Three

Stage Three is for those who would like to progress to the level of a Flower Essence Practitioner. This means you will have gained sufficient knowledge and experience to be able to use flower essences as your primary or sole therapy should you choose to do so.

To attain our Flower Essence Practitioner Certificate you will need to attend all four residential modules. In order to optimise your learning we recommend that you aim to complete the programme within a two-year period, although this is not a strict requirement. We are happy to credit any previous learning or experience you may have, and applications will be considered on an individual basis.

We will also ask you to fulfil the following criteria during your training period:

• maintain a learning journal for a period of at least six months
• receive case support from a supervising tutor over a six-month period
• submit five case histories of people you have treated using flower essences
• attend at least two One-Day Themed Workshops

At present there are very few flower essence practitioners worldwide, but we envisage that this situation will change rapidly during the coming years. Whilst many people have learned to use a specific set of essences, one of the strengths of our course is that you will become familiar with a broad range of essences, enabling you to prescribe effectively in a wide variety of different situations.

Residential Modules

These fully-residential workshops offer the intimacy of a small group setting, learning with a team of tutors and assistants in relaxing natural surroundings. Each workshop is dedicated to a particular range of essences so that we can explore the energy and uses of that set of essences in considerable depth. In addition, during every residential module we will also be demonstrating and teaching:

• Casetaking skills - gathering the relevant information
• Developing perception - understanding what needs to be treated
• Energy diagnosis - discovering blockages, leaks & traumas in the energy field
• Trusting intution - how to ‘tune in’ to essences and to people
• Different ways of choosing essences, including dowsing & kinesiology
• Practical hints on prescribing and combining essences

During each workshop we will make use of slides, flowers, live demonstrations, case examples and the essences themselves to reinforce your learning.

Australian Bush Flower Essence Module
The Bush Flower Essences have been developed by Ian White, a fifth-generation Australian herbalist, homeopath & naturopath. The full set now comprises over sixty individual essences, plus a range of combination formulas, sprays and ointments. The essences have a unique and powerful energy, whose effects can often be felt after the first few doses. They cover a broad range of emotional states and also have specific uses in areas such as relationships, sexuality, communication, learning difficulties and creativity. Some of the Bush essences act powerfully on the physical level, such as She-Oak for female hormonal imbalances, Old-Man-Banksia for low energy states, and
Spinifex which can be a remarkable pain-reliever.

In recent years some new essences have been added to this set, covering such areas as family patterns, psychic & spiritual development.

Bailey Flower Essence Module
Dr. Arthur Bailey is a former president of the British Society of Dowsers, who has researched and developed his own set of essences over more than thirty years. Most of them are found growing in the U.K., although recently he has added some overseas essences to the set, which now numbers over forty in total. The Bailey Essences are subtle yet powerful in their action, working as they do upon the unconscious realms.

These essences are able to release old limiting beliefs, outmoded attitudes and childhood conditioning which often inhibits our growth as adults. The Bailey essences act as catalysts for personal growth and transformation on a deep level, and they support the change process by strengthening and reinforcing the inner being or core self.

California & Bach Flower Essence Module
This might seem an unlikely combination, but for many years the Flower Essence Society in California have produced a range of essences which includes but also expands upon the original thirty-eight Bach essences. This set now features a number of essences with unique and interesting properties, many of which are particularly relevant to modern times. Examples would be the Yarrow essence formula which protects against environmental factors such as electromagnetic radiation and Calla Lily for clarifying issues with sexual identity and self-acceptance.

The California range of essences has continued to expand over the years and now includes more than a hundred essences. Of these, we aim to familiarise you with the ones that are most often needed and particularly those which have a unique place in the world of flower essences.

Alaskan Flower Essence Module
Steve Johnson & Jane Bell first began preparing essences in Alaska in 1983, and have since developed a fascinating and powerful range of essences. Steve Bell writes: “Flower essences do not work on us or for us, but with us. They direct our awareness to an imbalance that exists within, and then lend their energetic support so that we can release that pattern, gently and completely, from our lives.”

Through a process of attunement and co-creation, these essences really seem to capture the energy of their homeland, and in fact the range now includes some ‘environmental essences’ in addition to flower essences. These are able to communicate the particular ‘spirit of place’ that is felt in sacred sites and areas of natural beauty throughout the world. Examples include Full Moon Reflection which helps bring shadow issues into waking consciousness, Northern Lights which helps to cleanse the energies around the heart, and Tidal Forces which helps one adapt to the changing currents of life.

See the Flower Essence Diary page for details of forthcoming residential workshops.

Master Practitioner Level - Stage Four

Stage Four is currently under development, and is for those who are progressing to the level of a Master Flower Essence Practitioner. This stage creates a framework for recognising the work of advanced practitioners who are benefiting the flower essence community as a whole. This may take the form of a research project, or through teaching and supporting other practitioners, or through developing a set of essences which are available for others to use.

One-Day Themed Workshops

These are open to anyone who has completed at least Stage One, and will take the form of one-day intensives, drawing from various ranges of flower essences and demonstrating how those essences may be applied to a specific theme.

We are currently arranging Themed Workshops in various locations, details of which you will find on the Flower Essence Diary page. Topics for the Themed Workshops include the following:

Abundance & Prosperity
Abundance is a way of being, not a sum of money. Essences help us to release the blocks to an abundant life & help us to attract more of what we really need.

Communication & Learning skills
Enhance communication. Essences to free the voice; improve confidence in speaking or singing; enhance concentration & learning & to calm a busy mind.

Healing Emotional Trauma
Our emotional baggage holds us back and weighs us down in life. Essences to release old fears, resentments, grief and guilt & help us recover our natural joy.

Finding Your Life's Purpose
How to do what you love and love what you do. Your soul already knows what it is you´re here to do - there are essences to help the rest of you remember.

Relationships & Sexuality
As we improve our relationships so our whole life improves. Healing the blocks to intimacy, releasing issues around sexuality and forming healthy relationships.

Essences for Children
Essences to improve family dynamics, build children´s confidence, enhance learning & self-expression, relieve teenage angst, sibling rivalry & more.

Self-esteem & Confidence
Learning to accept ouselves as we are & not being so hard on ourselves. Releasing feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, trusting ourselves and trusting life.

Transforming Limiting Beliefs
If you want to change your life - first change your mind. Essences can help to release old limiting beliefs and harness the creative power of your mind.

Please contact the administration office for further details of any of the above courses and an application form.

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