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Homeopathy Beginner's Classes

Our 'grassroots' beginners classes provide a comprehensive introduction to the principles and practice of homeopathy. They take place over six evenings or a single weekend at various locations throughout the country.

Course syllabus
The principles of homœopathic prescribing will be taught step-by-step throughout the course.

These will include:

    principle of similars - how the remedies work
    provings - how the curative properties of remedies are discovered
    potentisation & minimum dose - how the remedies are made
    individualisation - treating the individual patient, not the disease

We will also cover the terminology of homœopathy; some basic casetaking skills; how to store and handle your remedies, and some helpful supportive measures to promote rapid healing.

Remedies to be covered will include:
Aconite. Apis. Arnica. Arsenicum. Belladonna. Bryonia. Cantharis. Chamomilla. Gelsemium. Hypericum. Ignatia. Ledum. Mercurius. Nux-vomica. Pulsatilla. Rhus-tox. Ruta-grav. Silica.

Therapeutic uses of homeopathy including:
First-aid: Bumps & bruises. Broken bones. Burns. Cuts & wounds. Insect bites. Shock. Sports injuries: Sprains. Strains. Ligament & joint injuries. Nerve trauma.
Common ailments, such as: Coughs. Colds. Headache. Influenza. Hay fever. P.M.T. Fevers. Digestive problems.

You will also learn essential prescribing skills, including:

    knowing your limits - when to seek help
    dosage and repetition
    when to change the remedy

Dates of forthcoming Beginner's Courses are:
Weekend course with Joyce Ormesher & Mandy Adams
9th-10th September 2000 in Ambleside, Cumbria
Weekend course with Katherine Armitage & Sally-Ann Hutcheson
16th-17th September 2000 in central London

Please contact the administration office for further details and an application form.

Further courses will take place throughout 2000-2001 - visit this page again for more details.

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