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The Healer’s Journey

Have you spent years studying and yet it still hasn’t ‘come together’ for you? Do you have a sense that there was something missing in your homœopathy training? The chances are, you’re right! Many training courses these days overload the brain and deplete the spirit. So much of what we learn takes us away from ourself. We learn rules. We learn other people’s ways of doing things. We learn to be dependent on the rational mind at the expense of our intuition. We learn to rely on outside authorities. We learn to be afraid and to lack confidence in ourselves. At The Lakeland College, our aim is to redress the balance.

This course is a journey. A healer’s journey. Every healer undertakes such a journey sooner or later. Although it is different for everyone, in many respects it is also the same. The journey begins where you are now, and takes you closer to your true self.

What you will learn on this journey is not new, but it may be unfamiliar. You will learn to trust yourself. You will learn that there are no rules that apply to everyone. You will learn how to play with your healing skills, to be creative. You will learn to be gentle with yourself. You will become aware of some of the beliefs and behaviours that you have adopted that are not truly your own. And you may choose to let go of some of them. You will learn to follow your intuition, your hunches, and to trust your own experience. You will learn that your own, unique way of working is as valid as anybody else’s.

The Healer’s Journey is open to anyone. It is a complete course in itself, and a limited number of places are available. It is especially suitable for those who recognise the need for inner work as an important part of their practitioner development. The entire course is facilitated by Ian Watson.

Topics to be explored will include the following:

  • Clarifying intention
  • Creative solutions for our- selves and others
  • Responsibility
  • Effective communication
  • Relationships
  • Trust - why we lose it & how to recover it
  • Inspiration
  • Abundance
  • Transformation
  • Integration

Anything else that may arise spontaneously will also be welcomed.....!

The very first Healer's Journey commenced in October 1999 and has recently ended. If you would like to be notified when the next Healer's Journey is due to commence, send an email to:


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