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Practitioner Development Training 2000-2001

Due to popular demand, we are running a one-year Practitioner Development Training course in London and Ambleside commencing in October 2000. The course will take place over ten weekends with an emphasis on case work, practice building and confidence building. The curriculum will include:

Practice Development: Clarifying goals. Working out costs & fees. Marketing & advertising. Attracting clients. Giving talks & classes. Maintaining healthy boundaries. Creating your own ideal practice environment.

Case Work: In-class cases for analysis, repertory work, materia medica differentials and management issues. Live cases. In-class discussions of student’s own case experiences. Managing cases complicated by drugs or surgery.

Materia Medica: Scholten combination minerals & elements. Recent provings e.g. Adamus, Plutonium, Sequioua, Ayahuasca, Oak, Clay, Thymus, Emerald, Rose-Quartz, Amber, Fire, Lakeland Slate & others. Minor remedies related to polychrests, specific ailments and energetic imbalances.

Clinical Therapeutics: Remedy differentials, diagnostic signs & supportive measures for specific ailments commonly seen in practice (please state your interests & we will do our best to incorporate them). Uses of organ support remedies & sarcodes.

Flower Essences: Contemporary essences e.g. Australian Bush essences, Bailey essences, Alaskan, Californian & Masters essences. Integrating flower essences with homeopathic treatment.

Self-Development: Awareness of issues related to practising. Confidence issues. Responsibility. Money & self-worth. Projection. How patients mirror our own issues.

Nutrition: Nutritional support & practical dietary guidelines for specific areas e.g. Digestion & absorption. Menopause. Osteoporosis. Heart & arteries. Nervous system. Depression. Cancer.

Energy Work: Overview of the human energy system & chakras with related emotions, endocrine glands, organs, remedies & flower essences. Integrating energetic understanding into case work, materia medica & therapeutics.

Entry Requirements & Applications
This is an advanced study course and it is open to graduates of homeopathic training courses or those who have completed at least two years of prior training. If you are unsure whether this course will be suitable for you, please contact the office and we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements. A maximum of twenty places are available on this course, so we recommend applying early to secure a place.

On successful completion of the course you will be awarded our Practitioner Development Training Certificate. Throughout the course you will be encouraged to practice the techniques and prescribe the remedies you have learnt, and to share your experiences in a supportive environment. The main qualification you will gain from this course will be in your increased self-confidence and ability to apply your knowledge to the benefit of your patients. Those students who fulfil all of our graduation criteria, including clinical requirements, will be eligible to apply for our practitioner qualification Member of The Lakeland College (MLC Hom).

We have an experience teaching team who have worked closely together for many years. All of our tutors have an open-minded approach to practice and a desire to encourage each student to develop their own individual style. Our tutors include: Ian Watson, Anne Waters, Sally Holligan, Paul Francis, Angie Jackson, Beth Tyers, Dave Evans & Deirdre Moon from the Lake District, as well as Lee Pollack, Robert Bridge, Lorraine Grayston & Drusilla Heywood from London. We also bring occasional guest tutors into the course who have skills in a particular area.

Regional Tutors
We have a network of regional tutors who support our students with their casework. A small number of students are allocated to each practitioner, with whom they can meet on a regular basis between the course weekends for help, support and guidance. Our tutors encourage you to practice what you have learned and to develop trust in your own unique way of working. This is an invaluable part of the training and is included in the course fee. We have a regional co-ordinator for each course. Joyce Ormesher is the co-ordinator in the Lake District and Katherine Armitage in London.

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