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What is different about the Lakeland College?
There are many colleges of homœopathy and complementary medicine.

So why choose us?
At Lakeland, as tutors we have tried to create a learning experience that improves on what we experienced ourselves both from when we were students, and from our experiences of teaching at other colleges. We believe we have created a unique environment at the college - 'empowering' is a word that students often use in our feedback to us.

Balance 'inner' learning with 'outer' learning.
We believe that the process of becoming a good healer is as much about an inner journey as it is about learning external information. So as well as teaching the necessary content we place emphasis on self-experience and developing self-awareness.

Non-traumatic self-assessment.
We wish learning with us to be a pleasurable and empowering experience. So we do not set exams on our courses, but instead encourage people to develop in their own style and at their own pace by means of personalised learning journals.

Good staff-staff and staff-student relations.
We believe that people both work and learn best in an environment where the interpersonal relationships are good. To this end we work hard at creating a supportive environment between ourselves as tutors, and in our interactions with students. We also try our best to facilitate this between students on our courses.

Open feedback channels.
We firmly believe in listening to our students, and getting regular feedback from them. And we are willing to respond positively to the feedback we get.

Good support system.
We feel we offer excellent support to our students, and encourage this between students too.

Open-minded, non-dogmatic approach.
Homœopathy and associated systems were developed by people who were open-minded and willing to learn from their experiences. We believe that what we teach needs to constantly be developed to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. So we encourage an open-minded approach in our students to their learning.

Deeper understanding of health.
We recognise that understanding health involves understanding more than only the physical mechanics of the body. To this end we look in detail at the underlying energy systems of the body.

Patient-Practitioner skills.
We believe that healing is as much about the relationship between ourselves and our clients as it is about any remedy we give the client. We take time and care to look at developing good interpersonal skills.

Encourage learning through experience.
We believe people learn best through hands-on personal experience. So we encourage and support students in starting working with people as soon as they individually feel ready.

Encourage self-empowerment.
We have noticed that the less we impose rules and restrictions the more self-responsibility students show. This leads to increased self-confidence in students who then in turn work with their clients in a way that is empowers the client.

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